July 11, 2014

Bingo is fun and despite what some would think, it is not played just by old ladies. As a young American player, I find it really useful to have access to this game directly from my personal computer. I mostly play in the evening as it helps me relax after a stressful day at work. Furthermore, I have made so many friends during the years, and we meet both in the virtual and real world. I am sure that there are many who would like to find out more about online bingo and the odds of winning money. Check out the information below and see how exciting this game can be.

Getting Started

Just like in the situation of other games of luck, bingo is governed by the same blurry laws. The main problem is the fact that the withdrawal and deposit process was made a bit difficult. However, this regulations target bingo providers and have nothing to do with the regular American citizen who wants to enjoy an online bingo match.

An important thing all bingo lovers must know is the fact that there are many online sites that only accept American players. It is advisable to look for such sites and not create an account randomly. Besides providing a great opportunity to increase your income, bingo is also about socialization. Just imagine how many friends you can make and hang out with if you use US sites.

How to Choose the Best Online Bingo Site

There are certain aspects that I consider when I start looking for a new online bingo site. It is advisable to analyze the following particularities in order to avoid scammers:
• An active community – this is an important indicator that the site is trustworthy, and many people enjoy its games;

• A great variety of games – if the site provides only three or four games you will most probably get bored in less than a month. It is recommended to choose a provider who grants access to a great variety of bingo games in order to be able to try something new whenever you want;

• Bonuses – they play a major role in increasing your earnings. Furthermore, you will feel the provider committed to your well-being, thus it is safer to play;

• Free games – not all players are bingo professionals and investing money for the first time is not appealing at all. It is advisable to choose an online bingo site that grants access to free games and go for the real deal only when you feel confident enough in your skills;

• US currency – all transactions should use US dollars for greater winnings.

You can understand how online bingo games work by watching the video below:

A great thing about online bingo games is the fact that they can be played anywhere, as long as there is an Internet connection available. You do not need to worry about missing any opportunity thanks to the mobile apps that bring all the bingo joy you need. The only piece of advice is to make sure you choose a reliable provider for the best bingo experience.

I cannot emphasize enough how fun this game is. You need to try it for yourself and decide if this is the perfect leisure solution for your needs.

Slots machines are fun and easy to play, thus they are a popular choice in both brick and mortar and virtual casinos. The simplicity of the game managed to give birth to a series of assumptions and beliefs that have nothing to do with reality. Furthermore, they can cause great losses. My purpose is to reveal the top five myths that are dangerous for our pocket.


1. You must always use the same slot machine
Many people claim that switching to a different slot machine during a game ruins the luck. This is wrong. Nothing happens if we change the machine as the chances of winning remain equal. Just losing money in the same place will turn the enjoyment into frustration and bad decisions, thus the visit to the casino will be no fun at all.

2. Best slot machines are placed on the aisles
Another common misconception wants to make us believe that the best slot machines are located on the aisles. The only truth regarding this myth is the fact that these devices are different when it comes to payback. The placement is more complex than this. Simply taking a seat at a machine without checking the payback makes us start with a disadvantage.

3. When the casino is crowded the payback percentage is lower
There are people who avoid playing slots when the casino is crowded. They choose instead games that they are not very good at, thus leave with empty pockets. The reason is incredible. They assume that the machines are programmed to provide a lower payback percentage. This is impossible as such a maneuver requires the opening of the device in order to replace a computer chip.

4. The quality of the coin affects the payout
All machines operate under the same computerized system. The temperature or quality does not have any influence on the payout. So there is no need to avoid placing a higher bet when the situation requires only because the coins are not warm enough.


5. In order to win it is mandatory to count the symbols from the wheels
There is one thing that must be clear for all slots lovers: the system is operated by a random number generator, also known as RNG. This system can display millions of combinations, so we only foul ourselves if we believe that we can guess the future spin with mathematical calculations. Relying on such assumptions can lead only to losses.

June 20, 2014

Roulette is a game of chance, thus many players consider that it is practically impossible to develop a reliable strategy. There are many people who bet randomly and sometimes they win and sometimes they lose. Online roulette is known to be governed by the random number generator that makes it very hard to rely on certain assumptions. However, winning remains our main goal that we must focus on. Fortunately, there are certain strategies that can actually help us win big while standing in front of the computer.


The idea is never to give up. We basically play roulette for fun and with a bit of patience, we can discover the key of success. There are many stories that present incredible winnings, and we can’t help but asking how do they manage to do it? Many prefer to keep it a secret, but I rather share it with all enthusiasts. The strategies presented below can actually help you increase the earnings so it is advisable to give them at least a try.

1. Slow winnings
Online roulette games are governed by very strict regulations. The program is designed to identify in short time if someone is trying to hack the system or implement fraudulent attempts. Though virtual casinos allow a single account per person, it is important to handle various. There are two ways to do it: by creating an account on different web pages or by speaking to friends who no longer play and manage the accounts in their name.

2. Fast winnings
This strategy implies playing only once per month. The first thing than needs to be done is to find the most profitable wheel. The second step is to place the largest bets and bankroll. Online casinos quickly identify when a player starts winning big in detriment of others and equalize the situation by slowing down play. However, until this happens, you can significantly increase your winnings.

3. Place outside bets
Though many players prefer to go on the safest path and place inside bets, you must definitely try at least once the outside option. It is not only thrilling, but also provides better odds. To be more precise, there are 50/50 chances of winning.

The best way to find out more strategies is to try multiplayer roulette. I enjoy analyzing what other players do and develop my own strategy based on what I see. Just remember to bet responsibly, always!

June 10, 2014

Poker games have become part of my life. The thrill and excitement of winning money makes it one of my favorite recreational activities. The online environment has definitely brought poker to a whole new level. The most appreciated improvement is the possibility to play at multiple tables at the same time. Though there used to be a restriction regarding the numbers of tables, most popular sites now offer multi table games to players.

It is important to understand that multi-table poker is not for everybody. I am an active person in both real and virtual life. Playing at four tables allows me to speed everything up. In just 15 minutes I get to play about 100 hands. I’m always focused and manage to get the best of each game.

Check out the video below and analyze the strategy used for playing at four tables simultaneous.

Who Can Play Multi-Table Poker?  

There are two main types of poker players: recreational and advanced. The first category is mainly focused on spending their free time in a pleasant way, without necessarily aiming to win big. It is the idea of competition that attracts them. In this case, it is advisable to stick to a single table in order to be able to pay attention to it.


Advanced players are mainly focused to win big. In this case, multi-table poker is more than an option, it is a must. Though there are cases when the winnings for each table are not maximized, the ending sum makes this type of playing profitable. Besides being interactive, it can also be exhausting, but nothing matters after seeing the bank account.


Pros of Multi Table Poker

  • It requires a smaller bankroll;
  • There are more chances to win;
  • The final sum is more impressive than on the single table;
  • It is the easiest way for an intermediate player to go to pro;
  • There are no chances to get bored.


Cons of Multi Table Poker

  • It is easier to make poor decisions as you have to act faster;
  • It is very possible to miss true money-making situations.


When I play at multiple tables, I try to keep it smart and take my time at each. Bad decisions can occur, but I try to keep eventual losses at minimal. The thrill and excitement are even more intense in this type of game and that’s what I love.